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Endometriosis of diaphragm

I was wondering has anyone or do you know of someone that may have had Endometriosis of your diaphragm. I was googling different areas it can effect and most of the symptoms are the same ones I been experiencing. I told my primary doctor about my symptoms but she thinks it’s just inflammation of my muscles(Costochondritis). But I just don’t know what it can be.

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Do you have endometriosis in your pelvis? From my understanding it's unlikely to be on diaphragm by itself. I am waiting to see what exactly my diagnosis of "old endometriosis under right hemidiaphragm" means. Initially I thought because it's old that meant it was okay !!!! Made myself paranoid with research and have now decided to see what consultant says when letter comes through regarding planned op (I have stage 4 endo elsewhere and adenomyosis) In terms of symptoms it is the least painful, I have a dull ache in diaphragm area and slightly short of breath but not sure that it attributable to the endo.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes a lot of my pain is in my pelvic. I know I’m making myself paranoid too googling so much stuff lol. Hope things go well with you also🙂


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