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Symptoms of endo

Hey Ladies,

I wondered if it was just myself experiencing these symptoms or have you ladies had this before?

Nausea - its only come about for this months menstruation period, i haven't had this symptom before. It doesn't seem to shift what ever herbal i take.

Exhausted- Go to sleep fine drift off and when wake up it feels like i haven't been asleep. I do feel some nights that i wake up periodically. but i don't know im awake. (if that makes sense). I think this might be part of sleep apnea. Last year i stopped breathing while under anaesthesia operation was put on a ventilator and since then falling asleep then suddenly waking up not breathing.

Pain shifting around my abdomen its now over my left side, effecting the nerve on the left side also.

The sciatica nerve on my right side was damaged a few years back. So i know the pain .

Memory fuzzy problems- I cant seem to remember literally anything. just all fuzzy bit of a blur on most things.

I have been put on the microgynom pill just recently started. I got my diagnosis a month ago.


Charlotte :)

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