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Advice would be much appreciated!

I've just recently had a laparoscopy and been diagnosed with endometriosis and the pain just seems to be getting worse all the time. I've been waking up early every morning with bad stomach pain (I never suffered from this before the laparoscopy) - I need to pee, it's agony after I've been to the toilet for about 5 minutes then it goes back to normal. Does anybody else experience this and is there anything you do to help? Getting a broken sleep every night is catching up with me and struggling to stay awake at work at times!

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You didn't say if they actually removed the endo that they found, or if you are getting any treatment. Also, it isn't clear when you say "stomach" pain if really mean your abdomen or your stomach which about the size of your fist and near the bottom of you ribs on the left.

If it is only abdominal pain then that could be because of the surgery done to remove stuff, but that shouldn't be getting worse. Likewise the problem with peeing.

If you weren't operated on by one of the specialists on the BSGE.org/centre list then I would insist on being referred to one.


When was your surgery?


It was back in May, didn't realise it was 4 months ago now!


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