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Any little help would be lovely thank you 😊


Sorry for the longggg message....

I have never done anything like this before.

I have been suffering with endometriosis and never knew for years just thought the severe period pains was normal, and just passed it off as 'really bad period pain'.

I went to my doctor last October as I was concerned with the pain and bleeding I was experiencing when I was having sexual intercross with my partner.

And also the fact that I have been off any contraception for 9 years since my daughter was born, And have yet to fall pregnant.

That's when all the test started and I was told it was due to a large ovarian cyst on my left side. I was booked in for a laparoscopic.

I had the operation last November where i woke up from my operation to be told the cyst was not removed and I in fact have severe endometriosis.

It has spread to my bowel and nothing could be removed as I would need a further operation that was be more complicated and would need a bowel surgeon.

I was then informed they can help me slow down and stop the endometriosis speeding by giving me the menopause injection, and at the age of 29 i decided I didn't want to go through with it. As I would like to have another baby. And told that I should keep trying but to rely consider IVF treatment, but i will not be funded as I already have a child and it will be very costly.

I have tried vitamins for me, vitamins for me and my partner to take to help conceive and nothing.

My doctor mentioned today after many conversations that maybe to try and help my pain to maybe think about going on the pill or other forms of contraception. What a horrible choice to make at the age of 30.

Is there any help of ways to fall pregnant with sever endometriosis because I am frustratingly out of options.

Thanks in advance

Lucy x

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I think you need the advanced excision surgery to clear your ovaries and also your bowel. As your Endo is considered severe, make sure you're being seen in a BSGE accredited specialist Endo centre if you aren't already.

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Thank you 😊

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This is exactly what happened to me !!!

(Apart from I don't want another baby and so I am considering the injections ! )

It's a bit of a shock to wake up to isn't it ?

I had my op 8 weeks ago and when I see my consultant again I'm a few weeks I am going to ask to be referred to a specialist centre ( I only found out about them being on here )

Good luck with it x


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