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Is it Colitis?

Need help! Was diagnosed with Colitis 5 years ago and seen the GI specialist for 4 years then they decided it was ibs, I had a laperoscopy before the diagnosed me with colitis and I had endometriosis on my intestines, bladder and ovaries, had a second lap back in July last year for same thing, on hormone therapy and HRT to shut down my system and stop my periods, problem is I'm in terrible pain still, lower back, groin pain, feeling like my bowel is swollen and only relieved when I pass a stool. My brother has Crohns and my sister has colitis. I'm so confused and in so much pain :( I'm scared they are treating me for the wrong thing or that I could have both. Has this happened to anyone else?

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I was recently diagnosed with colitis after sigmoidoscopy. I also had endo which I had radical excision for 8 weeks ago. My endo was on everything including bladder, bowel and rectum. Colorectal surgeon sent me for CT scan which showed a 3cm cyst on left ovary and inflammation of the lower bowel, hence the sigmoidoscopy. To say I am fed up would be an under statement, I had the endo completely excised and a hysterectomy due to fibroids,endo, blocked left fallopian tube and adeno. Thought I would get a break from problems only to get bowel issues 4 weeks post op, which has now been diagnosed as colitis. Its just frustrating as endo is a gynae issue and colitis colorectal. To top it off I also have interstitial cystitis which is urology!! So now I am on 8 tablets a day for colitis and IC, great way to !ose weight though, not that I had any weight to lose. So yes, you can have both but the frustration is being diagnosed by the correct department. I am fortunate that I have private insurance through work and a good GP, so I have managed to get diagnosed quickly, which is good as at its worst I was visiting the toilet. 25 to 30 times a day to open my bowels!!


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