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Newbie, but had endo for many years

Hello everyone, I am knew here but I need some help. I have had endo since I was 14/15 I'm now 29, I was diagnosed with pcos 3 years ago I have been blessed with two beautiful rainbow babies. Any way to my question.... I had the depo injection 6 weeks ago, this doesn't really agree with me but it the only one to stop my bleeding my endo seems to like the hormones and makes me bleed. This time round I bled for 3 weeks but it was more like old dirty blood if that makes sense to anyone sorry tmi. For two day I have had cramping nothing new of course but today the pains are all over my tummy especially at the top and I feel like i need to go to the loo which I don't and I do feel sick but not to be sick again if that makes sense. My pains go as long as I keep still and only gets unbareable when I start to walk. Does this sound like endo I've never had this before!! Sorry for the long first post and thanks for your help xxx

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear your suffering. I to have the depo and suffer with the same pain as yourself. I'm not sure if it's 'normal' or not as I had an unsuccessful appointment today 😔 I can suggest I use a mini tens machine daily to try and help with the pain and use a regular hot water bottle in the evenings.

Hope you get the help you need and the pain eases xx


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