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Depression and Endo

I wondered how depression and anxiety has affected you?

I'm struggling a lot with my emotional well-being, not least due to the stress of trying to cope with preforming well in my job. I'm not really sure what the cause is as I have a long history, but fatigue makes it worse and I am finding it all so isolating.

My husband is great now, doing all the chores and coming to every appointment with me. But you don't want to talk about the pain, how it plays on your mind, how you ache all over, how you want to cry on the way to work as your emotional resilience is so low , how the pain ypu hide when you occasionally try to make love makes you despair , how you can't really see it ever really getting better.

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Look into illness counselling. I've not long started sessions and it's absolutely fabulous.

Also endo U.K. Helpline is good if you ever need to just rant. It's nice to be able to talk to someone who understands. Xx

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Thanks Nikki. I'm on a (indefinite) waiting list for the only counsellor in my neck of the woods ( I live very rurally) and have tried the line often but can never get through.


I was on the list since Jan and had two sessions so far haha. Waiting lists are a pain! You know where I am if you ever need a chat xx

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