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New here ..I have questions

Hi all.

I have had years of symptoms and now after being in hospital they say I have endometriosis. I feel so nauseous, I can't have one coffee anymore without it making me woozy.

I mainly get right sided pain. And it bubbles and makes noises all the time.

Dr suggests a operation. I have had a few ops for ovarian cysts.

My question is....has anyone else got noisy issues from endometriosis?

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Yes & it also feels like butterflies in there.

On the nauseous try dryish toast, it helps me.

If the pain gets worse go bk to the doctor, don't ignore it till it gets a lot worse.

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OMG the BUBBLES! I use to get them SO much before my surgery a few weeks ago. Not sure what it is, but yes! Sounded like I was constantly hungry. Meetings at work were sometimes very funny ahaha Nothing to worry about though :) and with the Coffee situation, for people with Endo, cutting Caffeine and Alcohol helps :) Hope this helps :)

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