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Private consultation or endometriosis centre


I have a couple of questions and I hope someone is able to help.

Firstly, I have private health insurance and assuming I can use it (need to check), would there be any advantage in going to an endometriosis centre rather than seeing a consultant privately? Most of the consultants I'm thinking of going to work at centres anyway.

Second and this is more out of interest than anything - when were the endometriosis centres set up? I don't remember hearing anything about them when I was diagnosed.



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Hi Gwen

I think they were set up in 2009 (I could be wrong).

Re private/endo centre - going private will be quicker but be sure you see a consultant from the BSGE list x

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Thanks so much for getting back to me.

I looked at my private health cover this afternoon and freaked out as it said that chronic conditions aren't covered. However, I just called them and they said I would be, so I feel really relieved.

Thank you - I didn't know about the list. Most of the ones on my list work at BSGE centres, but a couple don't so I will check that.


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