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In the process of finding out if I have endometriosis


I'm very new to this, so sorry if I ramble. I'm currently in the process of finding out if I have endometriosis. My mother, grandmother and great grandmother (we assume from symptoms) all had it, and two have had their wombs removed (after having children - which I currently do not have).

I am awaiting on my gynaecologist appointment, which seemingly is taking forever to be arranged.

I've suffered for numerous years, though only got increasingly worse at the end of last year. It's now been 3 months since I first went to the doctors, and the pain is becoming unbearable. I live with my hot water bottle, blanket and teddy (very appealing for a 25 y/o). My pains cause my to be sick sometimes, keep me awake at night, distraction at work as they're so bad, and anytime I'm not in work, I'm in bed.

I'm on co-codamol all the time, as the doctors won't give anything to me, until I've been diagnosed.

Does anyone have any advise for remedies for the pain? And things to help me get through the lethargy.

Thank you for anyone's response in advance!

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It may not help dramatically but I've found that following the endometriosis diet has helped me, alongside treatment (surgery and Mirena).

If you google endometriosis diet you'll find lots of information. While you're waiting for your appointment it might help to start it and see if you have any improvement. Good luck Xx


Heya. Sorry to hear that you are in pain quite a bit. I'm the same and have been like this even after my diagnosis and various treatment plans. I am currently living of pain meds to cope. As janine33 said endo diet is really good. If you like food then it is something you need to get used to but cutting out diary, gluten, caffeine and alcohol has been beneficial to helping with symptoms and giving me extra energy. Also fruit and veg eat as much as you can. I try and have a smoothie a day with as much fruit i can fit, kale for iron and cinnamon, ginger and tumeric. That's just an example of some of the things I chuck in.

Another thing that I always rave about is omega 3 oils. Have a look online for all the info and see if it's for you but they are great. Try and avoid red meat if you can. These foods can aggravate Endo because of the hormones they trigger.

I've also found meditation is really good. Endo has lead me down a new spiritual path and I have turned to learning about how stones help with symptoms but it's not for everyone but I personally find some comfort in it. I'm not suggesting you do this exact thing but finding something you get comfort in works wonders and helps keep you relaxed. Stress is not good for Endo.

I hope you get your appointment sooner rather than later. The best thing you can do is read read read. There's so much to this illness and it's completely different for each and every woman. Read as much as you can it's so helpful in understanding and getting the help you need. All the best and if you want to talk feel free to message. Xx


Thank you for your response - I have seen a few things online about it, and for a while I thought i was gluten intolerant.

I will have a look, thank you! Xx


Thank you both so much for your replies - it really means a lot to have people take the time to help and try to understand.

I've actually been at the doctors today, as I was being sick for hours last night and fainting due to lack of fluid in me.

They passed it off, as 'you have a tummy bug' or 'you might be pregnant' - I am neither. So they've given buscopan, to try and help.

I have noticed that stress doesn't help it, and I often try yoga and meditation to help - so maybe I need to try my Buddhism stuff again.

I like to read up on everyone and their symptoms - it gives me comfort for that I'm not alone. I hate it :( xx


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