Acid reflux?!?

Another post & random! But the last 2 weeks I've been suffering soo bad with acid reflux/heartburn/stomach pain/ general feeling of being uncomfortable. I have endo on my bowel. Is any of this linked or has anyone had similar symptoms!? I'm going out of my mind with the pain. It's not endo pain, completely different. It's also made me sick. Weirdddd 😔

Ellis xx

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  • I had bowel issues on my period and nausea however I later developed acid reflux from taking NSAID's because I had a risk of developing an ulcer. Do you get chest pain that's kind of dull and irritating?

    Take antiacids and get to the doctor for a different medication if you do.

  • I had constant daily heartburn and indigestion as well as bloating when on cerazette. Been off it a week and so much better in this respect. I too have endo on bowel but to risky and complex for them to operate.

  • I relate to this! But it comes and goes mostly with my cycle x

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