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Physiotherapy and Endo

I've just joined the page and I would appreciate other experiences. Quick background, 44 years old; polycystic ovaries since my teenage years, was put on the mini pill early due to migraines. 4 children with the last being a undiagnosed breech ending in caesarean. difficult caesarean, my womb didn't close and I bled out a lot. 2 years later I experienced painful abdominal pains in various odd places. After a nasty episode that induced cold sweats and vomiting, my doctor took me seriously. referred to a consultant and had the op. Everywhere I said hurt, had Endo and my right ovary was stuck to everything which had resulted in it twisting when I ovulated. Ended up having another op a year later, same things. Coil renewed in January and now starting to break through bleed. After an appointment with the consultant we came to logger heads, he has made an appointment for physiotherapy of the soft tissues, believing it to be scar tissue.. I know my scar tissue pains. These pains are on my cycle and my right ovary is stuck again. He doesn't think is Endo and neither do I, Progesterone has always given me cysts and continues to do so and the scan showed this. What to do? I'm am going on Monday to the physiotherapy appointment because it took 3mths to come through.

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I'm a little confused. You said you had endo and your current pain is cyclical but you don't think it is endo. What do you think it is? It could be endo within you uterus (adenomysois) but all that scar tissue suggests endo in your pelvis especially in association with ovarian endo if that was found.


Hi. I've been scanned again and it's a cyst that is sticking to the back of my uterus. another endometrial cyst, if that's the right term x


Ovarian endo, which you have, will usually indicate endo elsewhere and needs treating properly by excision. I am not sure why this consultant is ignoring the fact that you have endo. You need to see someone more specialised. If you are in the UK have a look at my file on the treatment pathway.


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