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Progressing endo?

Hi all, I'm 21 years old and for as long as I can remember I've had horrific menstrual pains and terribly heavy flows. Over the last few years I've developed a pain in my shoulder and it's the same shoulder every time about a week prior to my period, during and a couple of days after. The pain is almost more debilitating than the cramps themselves. However, when I went to a gyn she pretty much shut me down and said I was overreacting when I said every symptom for endo I could relate to. Now the last few periods I've had I have this terrible pain in my butt! To the point where on occasion I'm actually crying out loud at it. It hasn't been any fun at all and was wondering of any of you ladies have experienced a similar thing? I'm looking into new specialists as I write this.

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Shoulder pain (especially on the right) is a classic symptom of diaphragmatic endo. Where are you located?

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I've had a pain for about 8 years now in my right shoulder just below the blade. Had no idea it was to do with endo! thanks x


Glondon1 - I have mentioned my private FB support group to you before but have you joined as it has lots of info files and I am currently writing a detailed file on diaphragmatic endo as two on there have just posed about it. x


Omg I literally feel like this is me that wrote this. Everything you've mentioned is the same down to the pain in my shoulder. I was going Physio but that was no help at all. This has been the worst month ever. Have you been referred to any one else? x


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