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Endo infertility and child moleststuon

Ok some of you may know by now I think a bit like a detective .

It's is another way out there of the box thinking

Do you feel that girls and endo and infertility could sometimes be linked with child sexual abuse ??????

In any form




Any form

This is something I have wondered .

My other post about sex identity as well as this post may make you all claim me insane !!!'

They are things and maybe theory's that played in my mind at times??

So I may post absurd things from time to time

Please know that I like you want to solve this puzzle .

And soon before it takes any more women down


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Child and teen sexual assault victims are 1/5 in girls while there are 1/10 women with endometriosis.

If a girl who was sexually abused was forced to have an abortion with a hanger which would cause tissue displacement if there was a puncture through the uterus then the uterine tissue could be displaced.

However sexual abuse can cause chronic pelvic pain from nerves.

As well as vulvodynia (spasms of the pelvic floor). This can happen to children and women who have witnessed abuse, been touched, and looked.

Although sexual abuse can be linked to other conditions and could lead to an inflammatory disease a hormonal imbalance will most likely not cause endometriosis in girls. In fact the hormonal imbalance tends to appear later once the endo produces its own estrogen.


Thank you Hannah

I'm thinking maybe sexual abuse somehow relates to female problems because of the severe emotional trauma.

I have no proof just something I've always wondered about


Emotional trauma can cause a hormonal imbalance, irregular period but that cannot cause endo. It can also cause mental illness and one mental illness known as depression is known to cause aches and pains. Also eating disorders can lead to issues in the body.

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