Can anyone help?

I'm 20 and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 13, I have tried 7 different pills and none of them have worked as I still bleed every day. I have also always suffered with bad period pains but recently they have become unbearable and are stopping my normal day to day activity. I amdue to see the gynecologist on 4th October but I'm starting to think I may have endometriosis, does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thank you in advance :)

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  • Why were you diagnosed with PCOS?

    Was it hormones or prediabetes?

    It sounds familiar, a lot of the time endo is missed diagnosed and sometimes PCOS and endo go hand in hand.

  • I was on a period for 110 days, suffered with bad acne and had extreme hair growth! Blood tests were taken showing that my hormones were up the wall.

  • I would really try to see the doctor to get your thyroid looked at.

    Also explain to your doctor your period pains are getting worse, I don't know much about PCOS but I don't believe it causes extreme pain since my friend says she's fine without pain meds.

    What type of acne? Cystic is known for estrogen

  • Were you ever put on the pill?

  • Yes I've tried 7 different pills and I'm going to my gynecologist on 4th October.

  • If you have any bowel or bladder issues tell them those too, they go along with endo quite often.

  • Yes yes this is totally me. I have trialed different pills and always still bleed erratically. I had my first lap 8 weeks ago they found stage 2 endo on my bowl and POD on top of the PCOS. It was worth the lap and push for the lap. I have still been bleeding every two weeks but my hope is that it will settle down and that the 14 year wait has not done irreversible damage. Btw the lap did reveal that i have had cronic inflammation and they cut out calcite tissue which has formed over the years, get it checked out!

  • Also if you have been diagnosed with PCOS they should have checked the thyrod with your bloods.

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