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confusion over my cycle!!!

Hi all, I hope your all doing okay!

I am starting to feel so lost again in my own world.

we have started our fertility treatment, doctor gave me the terrible news that I don't ovulate :( I have been tracking my periods for over a year now and they are every 29 days except every 5 months I seem to go 34? I get so excited that I'm nearly a week later and maybe I have finally conceived then mother natures takes her turn and crashes my whole life!!

does anyone else have this problem? I have my pre op on the 17th ready for my second Laparoscopy + dye test and first Histoscopy! My doctor said IVF will be the best option for us.

Although our path is just starting I feel so down and gloomy :( sorry for the moan, sometimes hearing "you'll be okay" from people who have no idea how it feels just isn't enough xxxx

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You are lucky .

Your dr telling you to go with IVF is exactly what I would do .

Mine was years ago and IVF was just coming out, barely .

I will tell you a little story about a couple of woman .

First my daughter who has been blessed with a daughter 13 years ago.

Now she decided not to marry the dad

Wait for it,,

Because she discovered they did not love each other .

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Lol

Not in my day .

The father of said daughter is great and he's very involved with her and our famiky . Neither my daughter or the father of her girl have ever gotten married .

But when she was taken to the hospital years before she was maybe 22 . She had gotten pg.

didn't think she was going to keep the baby

I was crushed when she called and told me she decided she would abort the baby .

But you know you can't run their lives even as much as we'd like to .

Then she went to hospital with bleeding and cramps.

Dr said you may have or are going to lose it . They could not tell if she had an empty egg thing or something.

Well you know how you just know something . I at the hospital asked said dr do you think she has endo?

He got kind of mad and said" that's a terrible thing to put on a young woman"

Since it was over twenty years ago I was surprised looking back he had such knowledge

I told him " what do you mean I am not capable of putting anything on her but I have it and read it can run in families .

Of course I hoped she didn't have it .

A couple weeks later she was taken into emergency she was in labor so to speak .

The dr on call . an sob said he didn't want to give her anesthesia and acted like it was her own stupid fauit for being in this situation .

It was late at night and didn't want to stay there to wait for a dr to put her under. Ok still with me?

She told me later she turned her face into the wall crying and feeling shamed .

Wish I had been there.

But my husband was

And oh yes he took that dr out in the hall and told him don't ever speak to her that way and you will wait for the other dr .

Anyhow when they did the D&C the dr said it was some kind of pregnancy . I'm thinking it was molar but not sure .

A year later back to the hospital to look inside

Damned if she didn't have endo .

Again I was crushed thinking she would live the same nightmare as I did .

But a couple more years she had a baby .

About three years later she chose to become a surrogate for a couple .

They did all the pre invitro stuff hormones all that .

She got pg twins

Three years later she did it for another couple got pg with three but one disolved.

So she was having endo pretty bad all during this time

Interesting that putting it in her uterus bypassing all the endo crap she got pg.

The other woman another time

But that was the best way she could do it

I had doubts at first with her severe endo

So that's why I say go for it to you . If I had had that choice I sure would have .

You don't want to wait until months years go by and endo getting worse

To me besides the pain the infertility was the worst part .

I am not a dr but being in the situation and all we learned with my daughter going thru it i think I have a good understanding of it

Mine put me on ovulating meds and I about fell to the floor the first few cycles

He didn't think I was o ovulating either . He thought my temp charts showed it .

When I went to another dr he took one look at the charts and said well you are ovulating

13 months of fertility pushing drugs making it worse because the first dr didn't know how to read chart

Yea I was pretty upset

So go for it

It's a personal choice and not easy but if you were my daughter that's what I would tell her

If they Dx'd with it then they should have no need to go inside and mess things up .

My tubes were open but I didn't

There has been speculation that the dye going up thru your tubes can actually push any menstral blood right out those tubes and landing ...

Yup on close areas by it .

No facts to back that up Just saying

So please think about doing it

Once you hold your baby all the stuff you went thru will leave your mind.

And I would not wait very long after to have a second .'there are studies showing being pg plus Breast feeding keeping your periods away for near two years can be quite helpful


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Hello Shelly

thanks so much for that amazing story, was a smile it brought to my face on this gloomy day!!

I will be opting for the IVF straight away I think, I don't want to wait another year of being on medication to stimulate my eggs. I want that feeling of becoming a mother and most importantly I want to make my wonderful a daddy!

Still no period, officially a week late but the test said negative :( im almost certain my body is "pretending" to be pregnant because I have such a phobia of going under for an operation - boo!! I hate being a woman sometimes.

oharal93@yahoo.com xxx

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Of course you are afraid that's normal.

Let me tell you a story

I was in the room when my daughter had her implantation.

It took two min then she had to lay feet for one then left

Of course yours will be a little more than hers

They take the eggs out then implant I think in two weeks or a couple of days .

After they have checked the embrou to Make sure it's perfect then they insert .

So don't worry I have never heard anyone say it was a very painful .

You made need two or three tries that's normal

I have a good feeling that you will be holding your baby in a year or so

You don't know me but others that do know when I say

I have a feeling that's it's my 6th and I'm usually right.

It's not nearly as painful as having endo cut out .

Will be praying for you

It's to late for me I outlived my dream .

But they know s lot about IVF than they did in my time

Good luck keep me uodated


it doesn't sound too painful, actually sound exciting.

I am ready for my next step, of course I will you posted xx


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