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NO endo found in Lap

Its been just over a year and half since I've been having pain while going to the toilet around my period, this year the pain progressed to just geting up and sitting down or just running up the stairs, I have also been getting back pain more recently. I went to my drs last year convinced I had endo, so after months on the pill and a scan I got reffered to the gynecologist who agreed to a laproscopy after a few visits, she was sure she wouldn't find anything though! And sure enough she didn't find anything.

I have an appointment soon to discuss what to do next, they want to look into if somethigns wrong with my bowels, but I done so much research online and I'm still convinced I have endo. I just want to find out what's wrong with me, but I don't want to push to do another lap and get the same result!

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I had a few years where endo had grown around my bladder

My mother in law told me

I was not sitting on it right


My worst pain was on day three of my period

Not normal cramps

It felt like hands were in there pulling and twisting

It was really bad

I know one dr dais that endo can cause

More pain at the end of your period than at first

After the fertility drugs I had severe pain a few days a month when I ovulated

Infertility drugs had caused endo to spread and get severe

I was shootin out twenty eggs a month

We did not know I had it then

My neighbor said

I swear you have endo

Dr didn't think so nor looked

I was young and dumb

Shooting out all those eggs for a year helped me go into early menopause

I was about 49

I had a period

A new dr

I told her

You know what ?

I have this feeling that was my last period

She laughed said I was a bit young and besides menopause you go thru heavy bleeding missed periods for minus them heavy flooding agsin

Guess what I did not have a period agsin

And the thing that I had dressed actually released me from the prison of pain I'd been in for so long


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