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Passing cysts

I'm unsure of whether or not I have cysts, my last ultrasound was in Febuary when the pain wasn't that bad and they found nothing, I've had X-rays without fluid and there was nothing either. But this morning I was in excruciating pain and last night with pain starting in my lower back travelling to my vagina over and over again. When I was in bed this morning I couldn't feel my feet and I felt like I was goin to faint, I was screaming and crying and I felt like there was something heavy on my cervix, and it felt like my body was trying to push it out. Nothing happened but I felt worm thing leak down my leg and I went to the washroom and there was this thick plasticy material that was hard on my thigh and attached to my hairs (I know tmi) Would this be a cyst? I still feel the heavy feeling there.

Should I go to the hospital? Or just wait it out.

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Hi Hannah117, something similar happened to me when I was younger. Could you possibly have had an early miscarriage? You definitely need to see your GP or go to A&E if you are still bleeding, take the cyst/clot with you so that it can be looked at by a professional. Hope you feel better soon xx


I'm not sexually active


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