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Hey guys Hooe your all doing well

So aftermy.post op with gyne they have discharged me.without hearing me.out I don't have endo anymore and its probably ibs which in all honesty is a load of bull I'm suffering with the same pain o have been suffering with for ages now and there telling me just because they havnt looked properly it's not there I tried to tell them the pain that I'm getting is endo pain I feels it's a very specific pain that you just no and he just said are you taking your pain management for endo I said yes.but I need something stronger he said just keep taking that o have never felt so upset and yet again iv woke up in absolute agony can't go to work can't move just fingers crossed that I can gw into the docs to get referred to Bgse

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Hi yes you need to get that referral to a centre, as general gynaecologists do tend to miss endo. You know your body better than anyone else. I'm so sorry your are still in pain with no answers. Hopefully once you get the referral you can get the help you deserve.

Good luck.


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