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Starting Prostap next week

Apologies if I've spelt that wrong! But anyways, I'm starting it next week and really rather nervous and worried about it. I don't know what changes I'm going to go through but fearing the worse.

I'm also experiencing one of my weird down moods - these tend to happen fairly often but it's all to do with my boyfriend. I think I want to end things with him, everything irritates me and I can't bare him touching me. This has been happening for a year now, feeling awful and wanting to be single - then a few days after I feel loved up again. I was put on a low dosage of anti-depressants to see if this helped but it's happening again so obviously not. It's lasting a bit longer too.

Maybe things aren't right between us and I'm just using my messed up hormones as an excuse when really we're not right for each other? Anyways - I just feel really 'arghhhhh' at the moment :(

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