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Finally speaking out

Finally speaking out

It has taken me a long time to get passed the taboo of talking about my health problems, but finally after years of hiding the anal problems over embarrassment I have started to speak out loud about endometriosis. You will all be surprised how many other people are suffering from similar problems. I have realised, now that I have made the subject not taboo, that other people are finding the courage to talk aloud about their issues. We shouldn't face these problems alone so the next time your work colleague asks are you ok just be honest and tell them you have a disease called endometriosis which does not have a cure and you are having to deal with pain daily. You won't find yourself embarrassed because your health is serious and you should be putting your health in front of your embarrassment. 

If anyone is suffering from endometriosis alongside anal fissures I would be interested to hear what has helped them as I am 5 operations down and still suffering from the fissures which they don't know what is causing them. My guess is the endometriosis cells have attached my vagina wall to my rectum again which causes the pain and the anal fissure. 

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated and if I can help anyone in return please do get in touch :) 

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