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Hi all, 

Hope you are all having a pain free day - I have just started Gabapentin and am feeling rather floaty today but it seems to be keeping my pain at a lower lever which is better than not. 

This is such a great place to come and vent and ask advise, and we all feel so low at many points, so I wanted to send a quick post on a positive tone. You are all beautiful, strong women that are fighting a long and painful fight, but our strength grows over time and the lows contribute to that strength. 

I am proud to have so many sisters by my side, warriors of endo, battling the bad and gripping onto the good, I send you all my love and hope for more good days than bad. 

A xxx

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awww, this brought a tear to my eye, you're beautiful and amazing and although today hasn't been very good you made me smile <3 xx

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Well said love you to sis. Well keep fighting and will always be here for each other. 


What a lovely post. thank you x

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