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Advice needed

Hi all, I have had a diagnosis from the hospital of ENDO a few years ago. They said they were sure that was the prob but never did a laposcopy - they have since found out that I have PCOS. I have been on the tri-pill for a few years to combat my symptoms, but the hot flushes and the skin problems have been getting worse and now I am getting a lot of pain between my pelvis again. It also seems to have worsened my IBS.

I wish they would take a proper look, but my gynecologist just seems to just guess the diagnosis from the symptoms and just dismisses my concerns and signs my off from the hospital every time I visit - which means another re-referral (and you probably know how long this can take).

Has anyone had the same problems - and how did you manage to get around being referred to the right person?

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Find a bsge centre near you and take it to your GP, tell them you want to be regfered to a specialist, may be a long wait, but at least you're waiting to see the right person, until you get a lap you won't know for sure, so I doubt it's on your medical records as endo, good luck x


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