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Here we go again :(

Hi ladies

Hope your all coping!

Unfortunately I am not 4 months after my lap and beif diagnosed with depression a month after my lap, I'm now back at the doctors with severe back pain constantly needing the loo and I'm lucky if I can stay awake after 21:00.

Kept telling myself it's just my anti depressants and it'll pass but now getting all my previous pains in my left ovary and as I say the back pain will not budge bit worried about what the doctor had to say but got a feeling endo is still lingering :(

Anyone else had this? Am I just over reacting? I'm fed up of feeling about 90 I'm only 25 and lost all interest in everything and in cobtinual pain apart from Jan time a month after my lap

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I too am still suffering with pain. I had my lap in December, I'm now in almost constant pain. It's not like I'm doubled over in agony (not all the time anyway) and the fatigue is a bloody joke... Last night I went to bed at 8pm... I was becoming delerious through tiredness! I'm thinking I need to visit my GP and see what she has to say. The Endo can't be back already can it?


Well I got told my body is still recovering and I need to allow my body time rest up obviously people are very different though so just been given something for the pain and have been advised if I'm still suffering in a month to go back to them to be tested for thyroid as apparently the are closely connected.

But don't worry believe me your not the only one worth going to see your doc aswell though x


I keep telling myself that I'm still in recovery but I didn't really have that much taken away... I keep bloating loads too... Still in my post surgery maternity trousers 😕. I'm trying my hardest not to take pain relief because I've taken so many in the past I want the toxins out of my body. I do take it if the pain gets too much though. What pain relief did they give you? I've had my thyroid tested already and apparently i'm all good. My iron levels are the lower side of normal but still normal... I think fatigue just comes part and parcel with Endo and it's something we just have to cope with 😬 so frustrating... I hope you find relief soon xx


I'm on zapain it's paracetamol and co-codamole ( however your spell it) together I'v been warned these will make me drowsy and very tiered I just laughed and made a joke I'll become sleeping beauty but in all seriousness Im not looking forward to taking them but if it takes away my pain and I'm not wired up through drips and getting morphine in a hospital bed I'll give it a go, and thank you sweet I really hope hope you feel better soon.... Surely a little bit of light at the end of a tunnel soon for us xx


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