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Conceiving with endometrois?

Hi I found out I had endometrois less than a year ago so I've had a op as to take out the mass that had burst one of my overies so I'm left with my left side only now no one knows how long i had it for but they rekon 4 years it had been growing for because of the size it was 12 by 13cm but I'm thinking I've had endo for nearly 10 years as to the pain I have had in the past. So the mass has gone and then after and before my op I was on depo which stops your periods was on it for 6 months and now been off it since 10th Jan 2016 so just over two months can anyone tell me about conceiving and what's the best way if anyone's got any stories or advise I would be very grateful as its been getting me down because of the pain again not just on my period but after aswel and all month. and last week tried with a donor AI as I'm in a lesbian relationship to try we had been taking about it for sometime and we said it was best I tried when I was clear straight after I healed from my op.

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Hi, it can take a few months after the depo for things to return to normal but once your cycle has returned then you should be ok to proceed have your clinic not advised about timeframe for donor transfer? Once the ovulating strips show you are ovulating then that's when they will proceed . Yes they do say that within the first few months post surgery is when your chances are higher but I don't know how accurate that is and generally only applies to those with impacted fertility as it doesn't affect everyone. I'm currently snuggling my little boy who is s result of IVF so there is always hope x

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Firstly I would recommend acupuncture for the pain and also ttc - go for one who's a fertility specialist. Massage also good to relax you and help with pain - if you fall preg stop it immediately though, but continue on with acupuncture.

I'd highly recommend bbt tracking - this really worked for me and esp if you're with a donor you'll need to time. babycentre.co.uk/a7069/down...

Myself and hubby went on pregnacare preconception and both gave up alcohol. Followed rest of advice re. trying to conceive. And I was on the Endo diet.



We had sex no more than 3-5 times a month (but timed well with chart) and fell preg 3 times quickly. 3rd time stuck and now 20wks. I know of a couple who used a donor and were able to follow similar plan as girl getting preg was bi and didn't mind so much - didn't ask what way they worked things. If you're working with a clinic it'll prob be different, but I'm sure correct timing will still help.

Good luck xx


Hi I've had five solid cysts (one the size of a grapefruit) removed from my ovaries and also had two laps to remove endo. The cysts kept returning from the age of 26 for me every few years and I was advised because of my age (30s) to try naturally for no more than six months before moving onto ivf. We tried ovulation monitoring, clomid, iui twice before moving onto ivf and from our second ivf attempt our beautiful baby girl is now my everything. For some ladies with severe endo I was told the egg can get damaged just travelling through the toxins to where it needs to be. Ivf bypasses all the nasty endo. It also puts back the best embryos you create. Hopefully you will conceive naturally but as the other reply states there is always hope whatever route you need to take. Good luck xx


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