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Pains in calf muscles and fingers Endometriosis

Hi i had been on zolodex(Endometriosis) for 5 months and had to stop the final injection as i was experiencing severe pains in calf muscles, heels and hands and added to those i experience burning sensation, numbness and joint pains in legs and hands, and these pains seem to increase when i go to work on that day and also i feel more comfortable when i rest and the pains ease a bit.

Can any one suggest or advise about similar situations

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Hi, Jane I don't have much advice for this, but I do say if you feel your doc need to check for Endo again do it. I, myself am about 6 weeks old lap which was my 1st and I do not feel any better and feel I need to get another be or something else need to be done. Because my body is the same as it was before going into the lap for Endo accept now it is worst. And there is a,any name Lindle on here that you could possible speak with, she has a lot of info and is great. Hope that you get the right guideance and help that you so need.

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