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Advice for first appointment please

Hi everyone, after 5 years of pain I finally got referred to a gyne and I have my first appointment tomorrow. I wanted some advice from all of you, what should I say to the gyne? What questions should I ask him? What should I mention?

I have already made a list of my symptoms which I will tell him but I really want a fast solution to my problem. I think most of my symptoms are endo they include painful heavy periods, pain during and a week before my periods, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, back pain.

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Have you got any record of exactly when you've been having pain, what type and where? They may also ask you about other symptoms, such as bowel/bladder problems too.

Don't be afraid to tell them exactly how it has impacted your life.

Its worth discussing your thoughts on family planning too (e.g. My gynae did a dye test during my laparoscopy to see if my Fallopian tubes were blocked or not), and which (if any) hormones you've had (pills).

Hope it goes well for you x


thank you so much for your advice, i will definitely keep that in mind.

and yes i do have painful bowel movements forgot to mention that, and sometimes when i hold my bladder i do have a discomfort and sometimes i feel like i am weeing a lot, i dont know whether to mention about the bladder or not.

and can i ask do you have a ultra sound on your first appointment?


Hi, I'd already had an ultrasound by then (which didn't show anything).

I suppose that even if you don't think something is related to the issue, mention it, just in case.

They may have a bit of a press on your tummy, see if you have any hard bits in your abdomen, but for me that was just a case of roll my top up and undo my top trouser button, no more undressing than that.

You're heading in the right direction, which is good xx


thank you for your advice, will definitely mention everything you said :)


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