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Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriage

I'm getting some terrible pains on the left side of stomach. Which I've had a few times since my diagnosis. Don't get me wrong I have pains all the time but this pain is far far worse. So I'm wondering am I having a miscarriage and I don't know it? or could I have ectopic Pregnancy this time?. I'm not sure what the signs are can any one help?

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Sorry to hear you in so much pain. Might be worth a visit to the doctor as I have had similar symptoms over the years and always turns out to be an ovarian cyst in my case. I would get it seen to as the earlier these things are detected the better x x


Go to your GP today. Ectopic pregnancy is dangerous. They refer you for a scan and they find out there and then.

Pregnancy with endo can be painful I'm sorry. Your body doesn't think it's pregnant for the first 3 months and you can still grow endo in that time.

Let us know how you get on xxx


Dear nsimpson! They say the ectopic pregnancy symptoms are almost the same with the normal one. but anyway this can't be just worsening pain. I'm sure there is some other reason for that state. You must go straight to your doc and do tests if needed. Even though this IS ectopic pregnancy you should get rid of it as soon as possible. Otherwise it may bring harm to your health as the organs may get destroyed in a way. Don't put it off. Time flies and once you'll realize you haven't been attentive to your body signals.

You must get a clear answer: being it ectopic preg or miscarriage - both things dreadful. They must be dealed with quickly anyway.

Have my fingers crossed for you. Do not waste time!! xx


If you are in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy pains like this can be normal as the ligaments and womb stretch. You'll feel it low down on left and right side. Also, as another poster said, Endo pain can remain for the first few months - I remember thinking exactly the same as you at about 5-6 weeks, thought I would pass out!

If severe and you are doubled over in pain go to casualty, do not self medicate with anything other than paracetamol as its harmful and you'd really need to speak to a doctor.

If you're having a miscarriage the pain is usually accompanied by bleeding that gets progressively worse.

Phone the early pregnancy admissions unit (epac) at your local hospital, or if you are further on the admissions unit at the hospital where you're booked in to speak to a midwife.


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