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Advice please!

I am currently fighting a battle with endometriosis symptoms, I have not yet been diagnosed however have been told by several doctors that this is the condition I suffer with. I am waiting for my gynaecology appointment which is in 3 weeks however I'm worried the pain from now till then will get too much, they have given me painkillers on my last GP appointment (codeine and solpadol) and trancemic acid to control the bleeding. I have been advised by a friend who suffers with endometriosis that if the pain gets to intense to go to the hospital A&E where they will give me more pain killers and put me on a drip etc.

Please also bear in mind for me to get a normal GP appointment takes up to 2 weeks!

Thanks for any advice!!

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Hi Beth-c,

Sorry to hear you have this horrible condition.

Personally I haven't ever gone to A & E for pain relief but I hate hospitals and try to avoid them wherever possible! That doesn't meant that I think you should continue to suffer if the pain gets really bad, in fact I know a lot of people on here do go to A & E and are given stronger drugs to help you through. Does your GP offer telephone appointments? I find it really hard to get appointments too but if I call up and ask my GP to call me back he is able to access what I might need and has even written out prescriptions for me to collect. If he needs to see me he books me in himself so I don't have to battle with the receptionists. May be worth a try if you are really struggling.

Other than that I live with a hot water bottle attached to my body virtually constantly. It helps ease the pain to a more manageable level but probably not as effective as actual drugs.

I hope your appointment at the hospital goes well and they give you a date for a lap to see what is going on in there.

Take care


Good luck lovely. It sounds wierd but be really firm with the gynaecologist you see. Tell them you are worried about being infertile etc. exaggerate if you have to! I went to a gynaecologist and she pretty much told me that everything was normal (the 2 year period, weeing myself 4 times a day and diarrhea everyday) and I just walked out. Then after that I thought "no this is my life!" And I sent a snotty email and said I wanted a second opinion. I have my diagnostic surgery in 2 weeks :) I kicked up a fuss and someone finally listened!! Be firm girl, this is your life and you're the one dealing with it, not your gynaecologist. Push until you get what you want xxx


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