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Getting frustrated now

The endo pain has been getting increasingly worse over the past 3 weeks. I'm getting it on the right side of my body and now my back is getting very sore and my leg so I'm beginning to limp.. Does this happen to anyone else? I have endo on my ovary but I'm getting worried that it's moved to my Bowel now as the first op I had was to separate my bowel from my stomach.. I spent all Christmas in pain and I had to come home from work early today because it was so bad... There's nothing the care doc will do only give me an injection and I'm not paying 60 euro for just an injection... I'm getting so frustrated and I'm really upset I can't handle this bloody disease

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Hi, sorry you're in so much pain, certainly sympathise with you. I have endo but haven't experienced leg pain before. I tend to get stabbing pelvic pain. I Definately think your doc needs to be taking you more seriously, it's not right that you're in pain for so long. Could you see a different doc? I would have been prescribed medication but we're trying to conceive so there's nothing they can give me yet xx


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