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Hey guys! I have been diagnosed with endo and ovarian cysts in 2013 and have surgery in 2014 followed by hormone treatments which did the have any positive effects on me except making the cysts worse. Had a second surgery this year and my gynec said he would not put me on hormone treatments again but instead suggested that I get lots of exercises and go gluten free. I have tried both exercising and going gf(about 70%). I noticed that I've had perfect bowel movements and I have also lost weight. The thing is that I have never missed a period and after going gf I haven't had any period this month, dunno if its late as its already been a week. Its a bit stressful as sometimes its just 2-3 days late.

Did any of you experienced this?

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I went fully gluten free and it did not affect periods, I've read a lot about it and haven't read about any link to it affecting periods, although as part of a wider detox it can help reset hormones (if you look up dr Sara gottfried, dr josh axe, dr Chris Kresser or Dr Mike Hyman, all strongly recommend going gluten free). I do think changes in exercise levels can impact on periods though so that could be something. For me I'm sure sunlight affects too- I seem get shorter cycles in the winter every year, and sometimes a weird cycle in November, which could be the sudden change to less sunlight (just a hunch, but I think vitamin d is another thing proven to link with hormones). Best of luck!


Thanks Cmat :)

Indeed encouraging;)


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