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Awaiting diagnosis!

Hi everyone, I am 23 years old I have been suffering for 12 years since I started my period. I have just had a transvaginal and ultrasound scan. They found 2x5cm cysts on both ovaries and are pretty confident that I have endometriosis. I am currently waiting for a mri scan to confirm this. I know that the diagnosis hasn't been confirmed yet but I'm frightened and would like to get advice and talk to people about how they cope with a chronic illness. I do want a family but not until my late 20's and worried I won't get the chance. Thanks for listening xx

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I was lucky and only had to live with it for about a year and a half until I was diagnosed with endometriosis, because I landed in the right hospital with the right surgeon eventually. However, it was enough for me as the pain every day was and has completely changed my life and me as a person. I was an emotional state and completely isolated myself from everyone. When I found the endo uk website I began to feel understood a bit more because everyone thought I was making it up prior to my diagnosis. I was worrying about things like children too before I had a diagnosis and even now that it has been removed as it does come back unfortunately. But there are women with really severe endo who have children too. Ask the questions or tell them what you want with your doctor don't be afraid, it's your life and your body, that is ultimately the best advice as I can. Good luck xx


Hi, I just came across this post. I am also 23, and am currently awaiting surgery to confirm suspected endometriosis. Can I ask whether you were diagnosed in the end, and if so, how your treatment is going?

Hope you are well xx


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