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Private Dr


My boss is pleading with me to go to see the private Dr that has a practice on my drive home to try get a specialist referral since my GP won't do it.

I'm in Scotland so getting to see a specialist (or anyone to help) is like finding a needle in hay stack!! It's not going to happen!!

What I want to know, would they help? Or will they be as limited as my GP. He is a professor at the training hospital that I do have a referral for (just a 6 months waiting list so about February until I get to see the student Dr, then probably another massive wait to get anything done, if anything gets done by the one consultant). The endo centre is way out of my area so my GP says they aren't allowed to send me there unless they build a case that can be approved by some sort of commity.

A classic example of the NHS postcode lottery!!

Sorry, I wasn't meaning to rant! Just wanted to know if anyone knows of a private GP could do anything regarding an NHS referral.

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Hi Sam - an NHS doctor does not have to follow the advice of a private doctor and the private doctor might not have any more knowledge of endo than your own GP. If you can find the funds for a private appointment I would suggest you make it with an endo specialist instead who is already in a centre.

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Hi Sam

Agree with Lindle. Perhaps you could ask your boss to fund a private appointment with an endo specialist with a view to getting referred back to the NHS for treatment. I've heard of several ladies who have done this with a surgeon at Livingston (the surgeon also works at the Edinburgh centre too). Worth a try.


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