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Hi, am 28 and am on zoladex as a last resort after my bowel is connected to my bladder my chocolate spots have increased and a large complex lump in my ovary. I now have to pay for it and am in more pain then I have ever been. I'm a nightmare and feel sorry for the people around me my mood swings are crazy! I was never told I had to pay for the treatment and am wondering where to go from here? Stop the treatment? Or shell out the £100+ a year for the worst treatment so far? Any advise would be appreciated

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  • Hi - I assume you are not in the UK?

  • Nope I'm in the UK but am told you now only get your first free then the rest you pay for, yep I'm just as confused.

  • So is it England, Scotland, NI or Wales?

  • England, I've never paid for my treatments before I've had 2 laps, 2 marinas, bowel biopsies and hormonal treatment

  • Hi again - were your laps done in a specialist endo centre or in general gynaecology and what was the outcome of surgery to separate your bowel, bladder etc.

  • My first was done by gynae when I got diagnosed then my 2nd was a yr and s half ago. Then the lump was found 2 months ago by mri after sever pain and they could see the bowel connected to bladder and more spots. They've said to be on zoladex for a year to hopefully shrink lump, and said that things will detatch and stop the pain but I feel worse then ever

  • I'm so sorry as to how you are being treated. So they are saying your bowel and bladder are stuck together (which is quite a feat considering your uterus lies in between) and that if you take Zoladex they will separate themselves as if by magic. There is a contract in place in England that confirms that the complex endo you have must only be dealt with in a specialist endo centre where the gynaecologists must have undertaken at least 2 years' intensive laparoscopic training above that of any general gynaecologist and that all disease, wherever it is, must be removed (excised) since medication is ineffective. These people are in breach of contract and could be sued for how they are treating you. Can you click on my name and send me a private messge (top right corner of my profile page) so we can get you to proper care. xx

  • Thank you so much, I'll try now I feel like crying! X

  • Bless you - we'll get you sorted. I'll talk privately now. x

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