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Had my lap yesterday and diagnosed endo!! Very sore today!!!

Very annoyed as it was a different consultant that did the op to the one I was seeing and when I asked if it was in pouch of Douglas where my consultant thought it would be this doctor said they didn't look there as they found it on ovaries .....annoyed as I thought point was to look everywhere especially as my pain points to it being there!!!!

So looks like another op now when I see my own consultant again!

Glad to finally have a diagnosis to explain things afyer 6 years though!

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I can appreciate your annoyance, surgeons still not looking deeper. The person who did your op doesn't appear to know that when it's found on the ovaries, it can also be deeper ...



Yeah just annoying that the problems I presented with were pain in back and bowels , and a dragging pain where pouch of Douglas would be yet she didn't look there!!!!!


Hi - I am so sorry for this inappropriate treatment but it is very interesting and useful as an insight into how you ladies are being treated. If you were suspected of having rectovaginal endo then this should only have been treated in a specialist endo centre and the lap done by a named specialist who is trained and skilled enough to look there. Even though it was done by the wrong surgeon was it still in a BSGE centre that you were being treated?


Yes it was....This is why more disappointed that still haven't been looked at properly


This is short-sighted. My concern is that some of these "centres" may not be what they claim !


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