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Hi all, I got diagnosed with Endometriosis at the end of last year and have since had two operations. It was very severe affecting my bowel, bladder, pelvis and tubes. Unfortunately the symptoms didn't go even after being told all of the Endo was removed. I went back to the doctors two and a half months after the op having gone through horrendous pains and numerous urine infections to be examined and told that there was a piece of surgical equipment left inside from the operation. Having now had this removed I still do not feel any better (in fact I feel worse) and still suffer with urine infections at least twice a month. Does anyone else suffer with UTI's from endo? If so, how do you cope?!

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You poor thing! That sounds awful. I'm sorry you have had so much trouble and a bad surgery experience.

I have endometriosis too and about two years ago I had UTI's persistently for a year. My doctor said that unfortunately some women just suffer from them and then all of a sudden they stop occurring. Hormonal imbalances can aggravate UTI's so endometriosis probably doesn't help our case! I took cephalexin whenever it flared up and that helped control the symptoms. Also I had a lot of ural effervescent powder (not sure if you have it in the UK?) and that also helped however once an UTI gets too severe only the antibiotics seem to work. My doctor also advised me on foods to avoid and other ways to prevent UTI's. I've included two links you might find useful.



If you haven't already I would suggest asking for antibiotics from your doctor to treat UTI's. They might prescribe it to have consistently or to take after intercourse.

All of the best! You're definitely not alone xx


It sounds like IC (interstitial cystitis) - are they testing your urine for actual infection?

IC feels exactly the same and often flares after surgery.

You can only be diagnosed by cystopscopy, so get a referral to a urologist as there is lots of treatment and have a look at the IC diet. Eliminating drinks that aggravate it (caffeine, alcohol, sofa) massively improved mine. But you need a proper diagnosis as it will just get steadily worse on its own.


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