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Endo in Gluteus minimus and belly button?

I am having a second MRI soon (waiting for apt) for suspected endometriosis in my gluteus minimus muscle area and in a couple of lumps around my belly button. The lumps around my belly button hurt with my monthly periods (age 46) so it makes sense to me these ARE endo. It is rare to get endo in muscles in the hip area.

Has anyone on here had any experience of this type of endo?

Any treatment of?

My lump is 2.5 inches big (in hip) and is painful after sitting causing me to limp for a bit after getting up from a chair. It wakes me up at night and hurts on long sitting/car driving journeys. I have spoken to a hip/bone specialist and he said surgery would be almost impossible to do in this area due to damaging the muscles whilst removing the endo lump and cannot guarantee me to be pain-free afterward so has referred me to gynae for another MRI. My initial MRI was for the belly button lumps, where they found the hip lump on the MRI (- so got referred to the hip/bone specialist).

After looking at MRI gynae dept were not bothered - the belly button lumps are un-specific and have left it at that - so hopefully another MRI will get the ball rolling again.

Just interested in endo in other areas other that the regular uterus/womb/ovary/etc areas.

Thanks for reading.

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