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Severe endo and spotting

I suffer with severe endometriosis. i have had 3 ops over the last 4 years. My surgeon has put me on the pill which stops me from spotting I had been taking this for 4 months now and have been fine until 2 weeks ago when I started spotting again. I'm worried that my endo is coming back. Does anybody have any advice before I phone my doctor please x

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Hi - contraceptives aim to trick the body into thinking it's pregnant but with very variable effects in different women so the spotting is likely to be due to your hormone imbalance. But three ops in four years sounds as though your endo may not be being treated effectively. Were your treatments in a specialist endo centre and where was your endo found and what was done?

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Hi, they found out I had it very severe, very large cysts etc. Everything was always removed but I have been told that it will keep coming back. My surgeon is amazing 😃. I have had one tube removed as the ovary came away and cannot find the ovary. I only had my 3rd op in January and I'm just scared that it's already showing signs of coming back. The endo is on my bowels and bladder also 😔 xx


Hi - if your specialist is a highl;y skilled surgeon who worked with a colorectal and urology surgeon (as would be required for this sort of endo) and they fully excised the endo from your bladder and bowel it shouldn't be coming back already. Have a look at my post on finding a specialist to check. x


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