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My little sis is pregnant, 3 weeks after my hysterectomy

Well the title explains really, I'm 3 weeks snd 2 days post op, and my little sister rang today to say she is expecting, I have 3 children and defo didn't want another, and of cause I'm happy for her, but it's made me feel a little odd knowing I can't have another baby,

Why do our minds and hearts act so strang sometimes.

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That's tough timing. I haven't had a hyst yet, but I am sure it definitely takes a bit of time to get over such a major decision (and major surgery), even if you are sure it's the right choice, but with this news coming so soon you haven't really had time to come to terms with it... so I think it's totally understandable you feeling a bit weird about it all.


Hi Hun, I know what you mean I'm dreading seeing babies when I've had mine, our minds are funny things arnt they? Sending hugs xx


I never wanted kids, but even I had a rough time with this one. Had massive panic prior to surgery and then about 4 weeks after surgery ( I guess the hormones were shifting back to where they need to be after surgery, because it was rough). Now I am back to , no kids thanks.


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