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Still on a long journey..

Hello everyone. I recently went for an ultra sound where they said everything looked fine. I've just been to my doctors and she did an internal examination and some swabs and said everything looked fine too. She's put me on the Yasmine pill (I had been previously on Microgyon 3 years ago but it gave me horrific mood swings so I came off it.) to try and help with the length of my periods (over 2 weeks) and see if it helps the pain. She wants to see me again in 3 months. Has this happened to anyone else and does it help? I've got a feeling that it won't help the pain but at least my periods will be controllable.

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I found Yasmin helped settle me down after my diagnosis with endo after a cyst was found. I tricycled for quite some time. However the endo was still active despite this although I didn't have any more cysts.

Yasmin is great but it still contains estrogen like hormones which keeps the endo active. There are progesterone only pills, visanne is what I was taking for a while prior to surgery that supress the endo.

I'm not saying these things to worry you and different people react differently ( also your endo is probably less severe) but I was under diagnosed for years and found it hard to get the right info from drs etc. I was also told by a nurse that Yasmin was being redrawn due to higher risk of clots.

However more positively I felt very well on Yasmin and it was great for skin and maintaining weight for me.

Hope this info helps.


Thanks for your reply! I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I'm going back in 3 months to see how I feel. I have written down all of my symptoms and the closest endo centre to me to take with me. I'm worried about masking the problems rather than sorting them out. Thanks for your help!


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