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Hi there,

I am now waiting for my MRI appointment with radiologist specialised in endometriosis in Oxford.

I will then be seen by endo specialist in Oxford and I will have a follow-up appointment with the endo specialist I have seen in France.

I asked me for a copy of the MRI on a Cd and a copy of the report. I think that the copy of the report won't be a problem to get but I am a bit worried that the NHS will refuse to give me a CD.

Has any of you ever had a copy of their MRI on cd? When do I need to ask for it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hope you all have a nice, relaxing and pain free sunday

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I might be talking at the top of my head here, but I had a laparoscopy in Feb and only later realised that they only save images, not the video (In India I was given a CD of the lap which was then extremely useful for this consultant to go through). When I asked my consultant about having the video of the lap she said they do not do it on the NHS coz of limited data storage space but recommended that I could bring a usb/memory stick to my Aug lap and could have that on video! Might it be worth asking the same about your MRI?

Have a summery sunny Sunday too :) x


thanks a lot for your reply.

As soon as I get my letter for my appointment I will call them and ask if I need to bring USB or memory stick.

That's actually a really good idea.

I will do the same for the surgery if they can do it.


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Contact the radiology department of hospital you want the CD from and they will advice as different hospitals have different policies. It can be done without difficulty. I work for the NHS and our patients have done this. Sometimes there is an access charge. Good luck


I work in radiology and in my trust if you are a NHS patient then your Dr has to request / give approval for you to have you imaging ( they do this my requesting your imaging from the Pacs department) and then they will happily give you it. If you are a private patient you can generally request it yourself. In Some trusts there is a small charge for nhs patients only about £10. If I were you I would ask when you go for the scan how you would go about it, and then they will tell you the procedure for your hospital.

Hope that helps



Thanks a lot for your reply.

I will call as soon as I have my date and see what they say. It sounds a lot easier than what I thought it would be :)

Even if I have to pay a bit that will be worth it as my gynaecologist in France is brilliant and that would help him a lot to see the MRI.

Thanks again



I asked for a copy of my MRI on DVD from my surgeon's nurses. They usually do the request but informed me it might be quicker and easier if I requested directly myself from the radiology department as I needed mine urgently to show another private surgeon. All I needed to show was my passport as ID when I went to collect. You have a right to this information. The only reason your doctor does the request is to make sure the DVD is going to the right person.

The DVD is not viewable like a normal DVD on your PC. You can possibly view it at lower resolution on your PC. Certain software needs to be installed on a PC to properly view the images at full resolution. Once your request is in place try to speak to the radiology department directly and explain the situation and find out about software, passwords, operating systems required etc. Any hospital in the NHS should in theory be able to view the DVD with no problem. It's when you go outside the NHS system that issues can arise.

I gave my DVD to a private surgeon and the radiology department at the private hospital had quite a bit of trouble viewing it. I even had to order a second DVD as the first one did not work. So try to make sure you sort out compatibility issues. I seem to remember it not being compatible with a firewall.

Even if the DVD is not viewable, the written report is very useful and will be done properly at Oxford. It takes training and skill to be able to read different MRIs and I should think that Oxford being an endo centre is experienced at doing this.

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I asked for a copy of my images and they just made me sign a disclaimer but I got them. X


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