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Endo treatments other than the combined pill?

Hi everyone, I hope you are well.

Yesterday I had my first lap and the surgeon found endo & removed it. It was on my womb, POD, left & right pelvic wall and I also had bowel adhesions. I'm waiting for a detailed letter to be sent to my GP and the gynae wants to see me in 4 months.

Ive been on the pill to treat pain for years now. But I began seeing lights / palinopsia & having other sensory disturbances a year ago & im being investigated for atypical migraine aura &/or epilepsy. Because of this no doctor will let me go back to combined pill.

I was on cezerette for 7 months and it was hellish. Weight gain, mood swings, more pain, breakouts and bleeding, just awful!

My gynae thinks I should get off the pill for now & see how I get on post surgery then take it from there.

I'm excited to get off the pill as I've been on it constantly for 5 years. But I'm worried the scary pain will return!

Aside from the pill, what other endo treatments are open to me? Ones safe for migraine aura? Please share your experiences! Thanks all xx

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If the pill is causing you all those problems only thing I can suggest is speaking to your gp I have really bad bloating pelvic pain my dr suggested northistetone to me to stop my period as bleed for 10 days at a time and take these tablets for 10 days from first day of my period it only has a small amount of hormone so maybe suggest this to your doctor and ask about pain relief as well let me know how u get on and hope you feel better soon sending loads of hugs


Hi, I was on visanne prior to my surgery and it worked well for me apart from slight weight gain. It's a progesterone only pill meant for endo sufferers. Could be worth looking into, I would take it again as no periods and no spotting. Pain was reduced too. Hope this helps.


Hi I had the combined pill when I was younger which held back my endo for years I then had the mirena coil for a year before I'd had enough of having the symptoms of a period but no bleed!

I've just had excision surgery and am trying the mirena again as it only delivers the hormone to the area of the body it's needed but it's to early to tell if it's going to work.... I also tried cerazette and it turned my into a mood swing monster so I can sympathise..

Good luck with finding something that suits. X


I was also scarred to get off pill but initially they say u shld go off so estrogen in pill doesn't stimulate any non- dead endo. I would take a bioidentical paraben free progesterone creme bcuz that will keep endo from proliferating. See a really good endocrinologist and have your hormones measured. Estrogen is also in your fat cells so your still producing some as long as u havent had a complete hysterectomy and arent too thin.


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