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Hi everyone I have been on prostap for 8 months I find them a great help

I just want to ask has anyone had this problem my injection was due Thursday past but I only got back from holiday (all good no pain etc) so I am getting injection Wednesday but from Saturday I have been sick and rolling in pain. Could the sickness be so quick to return? ?

I can't believe it.

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Hi Lou, yes unfortunately this happened to me too. I have been on prostap since last June but I was a month late with my injection in December and for 8 weeks I was rolling round in agony until the prostap kicked back in again, so now I keep on track with the injections until I have my surgery. Hope you're not suffering too much, sending hugs n love Rachel xxxx


Thanks for your reply.

I was starting to feel like I was crazy. Can't believe it was 3 days after injection was due when it went into free fall. Getting injection tomorrow. Good luck xx


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