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im a newbie

hello, i am waiting for my referral for my first lap and it been ages. I've been waiting for an answer like I'm sure a lot of you have for many years to why i have my symptoms. they have only gotten worse. and until i finally go to the hospital i was just wondering has anyone over the years found anything that helps them at home. Ive just gotten my period and i am in a lot of pain, heat pain killers nothing helps. last time i threw up for three days and i just... well i just felt alone and needed some advice. I talk to my friends and my boyfriend but they don't really know the extent of what happens every day especially during my period

thank you x

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It's so hard to read this and not feel angry, strong painkillers ithink they can sometimes take the edge off the pain. When the pain is at its best I struggle to find anything that can ease he pain. Sorry my heart goes out to you at the moment as I know how you are feeling emotionally and mentally. Hope it eases up soon.


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