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Need advice from people

I have just being diagnosed with stage three endometriosis I had surgery 3 weeks ago so it is all new to me. It took me two years to see someone about it as the gp send it was a stomach bug as I was 17 I am now 18 I wanted ask people if i should try and have child before it gets worse . I have got a supportive parther who i being with for three years and i will be able support my child i just dont want get older and i cant have a child. I have a supportive family I just need peoples ideas as I keep reading up on it and i have different answers thank you for your time x

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Hi, where was your endo removed from, and how did your overies and tubes look,?

With the above in mind, it's a question only you can answer, who knows what your future holds, you could have a baby now, but it may still have been possible 5 years down the line you could wait and perhaps hit a wall,

Having a baby is a huge thing, and it's a struggle at any age, I would say go with your heart

Good luck xxxx


The endometriosiswas found on my overies I have got to see my doctor in june and he will explain it more. I wanted get my career i wanted first got one more year then qualified nursery teacher. So I got tired to thunk about it. I just wanted some views on it as it is all new to me. Thank you for advice and taking time reading my post xxxx


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