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Still in pain, still feeling really unwell!

Hi all,

On Friday night/Saturday morning i found myself sat in a&e with crippling pain on my right side. They wanted to send me home, even though my usual coedine, paracetamol and ibuprofen wasn't touching the pain, nor was tramadol that they gave me. I kicked up a fuss because of this, and they finally admitted me and got me started on oralmorph which helped. I was taking that all day on Saturday in hospital and after tests, it was said that i didn't have appendicitis and i was being moved down to gynae ward again. They moved me there and managed my pain until yesterday lunchtime when they sent me home. They have diagnosed 'post op pain' but it doesn't seem right to me that i was in that much pain 11 days post op that i needed oralmorph for it to be post op pain.

Today im in quite a bit of pain still. Should i go and bug my dr or shall i just leave it and see if it settles down?

Sorry for long post.

Bernie xo

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I'm day 6 and I'm in he'll lot of pain, fainted twice, struggling to wee! And it's like a dull pulling / stabbing pain I'm getting! I'm talking paracetamol and tramadol every hrs but its not helping with Pain hope u feel betta soon x


Hi, It almost sounds like I had written this post. My first period after my Lap I had exactly the same, really severe pain and ended up in hospital. Unfortunately every month since I have also had severe pain. I wish I knew the answer to all this. Keep us all posted and I hope you feel better soon.

I say, bug your Dr.



It's not my period. Just horrible pain. I'm still in hospital now x


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