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Always thirsty!


I'm 10 days post op now, and ever since my op, i've been really thirsty all the time. Like really thirsty! Did anyone have the same problem? If you did, any advice about how to quench this thirst? I saw my gp yesterday because i have contracted an infection, and mentioned it to him but he didn't seem too fussed to be honest.

Any advice would be great.

Bernie x

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I had this too! It's so weird. Have you tried a sports drink (balances your electrolytes). My issue with it did go after a while. I drank some water, soup, sports drinks and tea.... Just kept sipping on liquid.


No i haven't, i'll try that. I just can't seem to get rid of it no matter how much i drink, really annoying me lol xx


I think the reason it won't go is because the electrolytes are off and so the more liquid (particularly water) you drink the more out of balance the electrolyte levels become as the liquids like water, tea etc don't contain the necessary minerals to balance that. The sports drinks do, so it is worth trying... There are also electrolyte replacement tablets you can get which go in water and do the same thing as the sports drink. If they don't help then you could always call the NHS non emergency line for advice.


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