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Something to cheer yourself up!


I know that having so much pain to deal with, and for some women, two or more periods a month to deal with, can be really upsetting and frustrating and it can make you feel so emotional and depressed. So i thought I might share with you all something that I get that cheers me up every month.

I buy something called Pink Parcel. This is a monthly subscription service, they send you out a box every month with all your essentials for your period(s) and they also send you lots of little treats to go with it too. It is £10 a month, but what you get each month is definitely worth well over £10!!

Some of you may of heard of this already, some of you may not. I really love it, it cheers me up when I get it, and the treats are lovely to have when you're feeling a bit crap!

Obviously i'm not saying you should all buy it, i just thought I'd share something that makes me happy each month! :)

Hope that you are all well xx

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Thanks for the post.

I heard about this recently and thought it was a really good idea.

Jo x


It is such a good idea, it's well worth the money if you get it x


I have just ordered my pink parcel. Thanks xx

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