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Im new here on this site, im 27 years old and have suffered with periods and pelvic pain for 11 years now im three laps a laparotomy, two mirena's and several attempts at drug therapy to control the continious bleeding and pain but after a relativly quiet 2 years .. im back again bleeding continiously and it sucks!! I have had 2 dermoid cysts removed and now suffer from serious adhesions and internal scar tissue .... I dont want kids but my dr wont listen when i tell them i just want all the pain too stop so i can live life like a normal woman :( feeling sad.

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  • Hello there,

    I am sorry to hear that you are in pain and undertand what you are going through. I also suffer from cramps and was once diagnosed with 2 ovarian cysts. I was able to heal myself with no drugs just vitamin b,calcuim,magesuim,nattokinase,black strap mollases and apple cider vinegar diluted with some juice. I also take tumeric its a natural pain reliever i cant live without. I eat natural home made soups weekly with veggies and refrain from cold foods during period. Cold foods bring on more pain. I truly believe all of us can be healed with the proper nutriotion and supplements.

    Wish you the best in health and remember you are not alone.

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