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Well after 2 months my GP has finally agreed to a second opinion at the RVI, they had a partners meeting on Monday to which they all said I could be referred to where I want to be, why the need for a bloody meeting I don't no and it turns out everyone was right the only funding needed was because they'd have to do a new referral, of course I had to contact the surgery today to see if it had been agreed no communication from them to let me no what was going on, inpatient I no but referral hasn't been dictated as yet so I'm not happy about that either, I explained to the receptionist calmly that I would ring again on Monday to see if it had been done (I think a week is sufficient) they've made me wait long enough and if it's not done then the practice manager will be hearing from me!!!

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Hi Hutchy

That's good news! I think it was just the senior partner trying to wield power. The next thing is to make sure you are happy with the referral as this should be jointly written by you and your GP (Good Medical Practice - you should be involved in all decisions about you). If you have a typically long and complex endo history you are likely to be more in tune with it that them, so I'd be inclined to write the referral as you would want it to reflect you properly and make an appointment and go in with it to pin them down to writing it. If they have done it and you're not happy with it don't be afraid to make them change it. x

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Hi again Hutchy - meant to mention to make sure the referral is to the named gynaecologist at the centre. Some are being referred only to find themselves being dealt with in general gynaecology at a hospital that has a centre. Check this too when you actually get to the centre and that the named gynae will be operating on you x


Honestly I came off phone to them yesterday in tears but wondered where the tears had come from until the pains started again a few hours later, so after having no sleep I'll be ringing again today I'm not waiting till Monday I don't think I should have to I've waiting to long already

Thanks Lindle x x

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